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We Help You Navigate Your Academic Path

Academic advisors are mentors who build relationships with their advisees, pay attention to their academic progress, recommend resources and assist advisees in identifying and fulfilling their goals while they work towards completing their degrees. Advisement at USCB is a collaborative, continuous process of evaluation and clarification leading to student development, growth and maturity. All students are required to meet with their advisors during Advising Days to discuss their goals, academic progress and any other issues that may arise before registering for classes for the upcoming term. While the advisors' role is critical in this process, the ultimate responsibility for registration decisions rests with students.


Our Services For Students Include:

  • Academic advising for course selection and registration
  • Academic and degree progress updates
  • Assisting students in identifying transfer and transient courses
  • Connecting students with relevant academic and other support services
  • Assisting students in making realistic academic plans and decisions based on their goals, interests and abilities
  • Addressing concerns over grades, GPA and/or academic standing
  • Interpreting institutional policies and procedures

Our Advisors

Candice Sutton

Director of Academic Advising

B.A., Psychology & Religion, Kalamazoo College
M.A., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Ball State University
Candice Sutton

Sam Haering

Academic Advisor

B.S., Biology, Wingate University
M.A., Sport Management, Wingate University
M.Ed., Academic Standards & Reform, DeSales University

Chelsea Ponce              

Academic Advisor

Office: 843-208-8054
Library 216, Bluffton Campus
B.A., English and History, Aquinas College
M.A., Higher Education Administration, Louisiana State University
Chelsea Ponce

How to Reach Us

Student Success Center - Library 2nd Floor
USCB Bluffton Campus

8:30am - 5:00pm

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