Accessibility Services

Accommodations? No Problem.

Accessibility Services is one of the support services provided by the Student Development Department. The University of South Carolina Beaufort believes academically-qualified individuals with disabilities should have equal opportunity and access to a quality college education. We are actively involved in fostering an environment that encourages full participation by students with disabilities in every segment of the university. Accessibility Services facilitates services and accommodations to meet the various needs of students with disabilities at the university, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

All students must meet the same admissions criteria. Our office does not determine the acceptance of students to USCB. For further information on admission requirements, please contact Admissions at (843) 208-8055.

For information on Accessibility Services, please contact Counseling and Accessibility Services (843) 208-8375 or

Deidre Miller, MEd, NCC

Counseling and Accessibility Services Coordinator


Fax: 844-204-7997
Deidre Miller, MEd

Receiving Services

What you need to do to receive services:

  1. Self-identify to Accessibility Services.  Please complete the Accessibility Services Confidential intake form to begin the registration process for services.
  2. Email to schedule an appointment. 
  3. Compile documentation of your disability and provide it Accessibility Services. You can find specific documentation guidelines here. It is best to supply copies rather than originals.
  4. Meet with an Accessibility Services counselor (in person, through a virtual meeting, or by phone) to discuss your accommodation needs. 

What the Accessibility Services office will do:

  1. We will review the submitted documentation.
  2. We will meet with the student (in-person, virtually, or via phone) to discuss accommodation needs on campus.
  3. Accessibility Services counselor will write accommodation letter and email it to student with instructions.

Temporary Accommodations


USCB recognizes that, similar to individuals with permanent disabilities, individuals with temporary injuries, recovering from surgery or with short-term medical conditions may need accommodations to access classroom, course resources and/or campus facilities. Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to, broken limbs, hand injuries, concussion or short-term impairment while recovering from surgery or medical treatments.

Missing a few classes or deadlines because of acute illness, such as flu, does not require formal accommodation, and you should be able to work directly with your professors to get back on track. We are, however, always here to consult or support you in your medical and/or academic recovery. 

For more information, check out the FAQ's page here