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HIREUSCB is USCB's own job posting service. Register an account by following the instructions below to see all the opportunities for students and to apply for positions.

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Click here to activate your HIRE USCB account and begin searching for job and internships opportunities. You can create here a visual profile that will showcase your work history, academic accolades and extracurricular information. The visual profile is a new and unique way to share your info with employers, but it does not replace a traditional resume. Your visual profile serves as a platform for employers to see what you have to offer and to provide access to your resume.

Additional Job, Internship, & Community Service Posting Resources is a website often used by USCB Career Services because it contains a wealth of information for every stage of the job search process. Its mission is to enable college students and recent grads with the tools, connections and information needed to be successful in finding a great job. If you have any questions as you explore this resource, contact Career Services.

Jobipedia is a free service and resource designed specifically for entry level job seekers looking for advice to support their path to employment. It has hiring managers and recruiters from some of America's largest companies personally answering all of your questions about interviews, internships, resumes and more.

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