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We Are Here to HelpCounseling and Accessibility Services. Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It is about how you drive, not where you are going. Be intentional about taking care of your mental health this year. Counseling is available in-person, virtually, and by phone. Email to set up an appointment.

Counseling services are available to all currently-enrolled students for the purpose of increasing students' academic success and personal development through the promotion of health and wellness. Issues of depression, homesickness, anxiety and stress, sexual orientation and gender identity, substance abuse, eating disorders, time management, anger management, sexual assault, feelings of isolation and loneliness as well as other challenges may be addressed through counseling. College counseling services are designed to assist students with addressing the difficulties they may encounter as they go through times of transition.

Location, Scheduling, and Hours of Operation

Students may access counseling in-person, virtually or via phone. 

Recognizing that some students may need assistance in securing a confidential space or technology (computer, internet) to participate in virtual counseling, we can provide a confidential space on campus for you to engage in services.

Students do not need to be in the vicinity of our campuses to receive virtual services, however, they MUST BE IN SOUTH CAROLINA.

USCB Counseling is located inside the Student Success Center, 2nd floor of the library on the Bluffton campus. To schedule an appointment, contact us at

The counseling center is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.  After hours and emergency resources are located here.

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Deidre Miller, MEd, NCC

Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services

Office: 843-208-8375
Fax: 844-204-7997
Deidre Miller, MEd, NCC

Jayln Lawrence, MEd             


Office: 843-208-8264
Fax: 844-204-7997
Jayln Lawrence, MEd