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Life Hacks for USCB Housing

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Request Facility & Maintenance Help

All maintenance requests are to be submitted here. All submitted requests will be addressed in 24-48 hours.

Housing Forms

Most housing forms are now in the Star Rez portal, which is accessed with your Self Service Carolina username and password.


Student Mail Services

Each resident is assigned an individual mailbox for their use as long as they reside in university housing. Residential students will be issued a key to access the mailbox. Packages that will not fit into the mailboxes are accepted by the Housing Office.

Students will be notified when a package is delivered for them. Packages can be picked up at the Housing Office between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. A photo ID must be presented at time of pick-up.

If you would like to send mail/ package to a Resident Student, please use one of the addresses below:

Palmetto Village - Bluffton campus

Resident's Name
13 South Campus Drive
Box # [Resident's Box Number]
Bluffton, SC 29909

Beaufort campus

Resident's Name
801 Carteret
Beaufort, SC 29902

Visitation & Overnight Guests

All USCB Residence Halls allow guests and overnight visitation during specified times throughout the week. For overnight guests, a form must be completed (including guest vehicle information if driving), signed by all roommates and returned to housing 24 hours before your guest arrives. Please note that no overnight guests under the age of 14 are allowed. A "guest" is described as anyone who does not live in that apartment. Overnight guest forms are available in the Housing Office during business hours or online here.

COVID-19 Update:

As of the Fall 2020 semester, the following changes will be made to the Overnight Guest Policy to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our students, faculty and staff:

  • Residential students are allowed ONE overnight guest per person and no more than TWO total overnight guests in an apartment at any time.
  • Maximum occupancy for each apartment at ALL times will be SIX people.
  • Residents may be permitted to have an overnight guest for a maximum of TWO consecutive nights in a 14-day period.
  • Overnight guest forms must be submitted to the Housing office 24 hours before guest arrival in order to be approved.
  • ANY violation of this policy may lead to a no-trespass order issued to the guest by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and subject to punishment for USCB student(s) by Judicial Affairs as outlined in the Student Handbook.


Winter Break Stay

Students who need to stay in university housing between the Fall and Spring semesters must submit a formal request to (Attn: Justin Shelley). The Director of Housing will review each request on a case-by-case basis. The deadline to submit a formal request is December 10, 2021.

Cable FAQs

It is important to perform a channel scan on your TV to ensure you are viewing all the available analog and digital channels. Exact details on how to auto program or auto tune digital TVs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. For best results, refer to the owner's manual. Most TVs will take 20-45 minutes to complete this function.

Using the TV's remote control, follow these general steps:

  • Step 1: Press the "Power" button to turn on the TV
  • Step 2: Press the "Menu" button
  • Step 3: Select "Set-Up"
  • Step 4: Select "Antenna" then "Cable"
  • Step 5: Select "Auto Program/Auto Tune/Channel Scan" then "OK"

Move In Day Info

Before the start of each semester, students who are returing to campus housing will receive an email with instructions. See below for the USCB Welcome Guide, which is a guide to living in campus housing.

USCB Student Welcome Guide