University B101 Programs

University B101 Helps First-Year Students Thrive

At USCB all first-year students who have room in their curriculum are enrolled in in UNIV B101: Students in the University. This 3 credit hour course helps students thrive here at USCB.

University 101 is designed to help first-year students adjust to the university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential success skills.  The course provides a general orientation to the functions and resources of the university and also provides a support group for students transitioning to college by examining problems common to the first-year experience.  Attaining an appropriate balance between personal freedom and social responsibility underlies all University 101 activities.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

I. Foster Academic Success

As a result of this course, students will...

  • Adapt and apply appropriate academic strategies to their courses and learning experiences.
  • Identify and apply strategies to effectively manage time and priorities.
  • Identify relevant academic policies, processes and resources related to their academic success and timely attainment of degree requirements.

II. Discover and connect with the University of South Carolina Beaufort

As a result of this course, students will...

  • Identify and use appropriate campus resources and engage in opportunities that contribute to their learning within and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop positive relationships with peers, staff, and faculty.
  • Explore and define the meaning of community and what it means to be a Sand Shark.

III. Promote personal development, wellbeing, and social responsibility

As a result of this course, students will...

  • Clarify their values and identify and articulate how these shape their perspectives and relationships with people who are similar to and different from themselves.
  • Explore the tenets of the Carolinian Creed.
  • Examine and develop strategies that promote wellbeing and explain how wellness impacts their academic and personal success.
  • Initiate a process toward the attainment of personal and professional goals and articulate potential pathways to employability.

Information about applying to be a UNIV B101 Instructor will be posted soon.