Student Government Association

Mission Statement 

The Student Government Association is to represent the concerns of students enrolled at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort. Our organization serves as the official voice of the students through our elected senators and executive board members.

SGA is to serve as a liaison between the institution and the students. We want to encourage student participation in university governance and student activities to enhance the college experience. One of our main values is to commit to promoting cultural diversity through the acceptance and understanding of the needs of the student body and administration.

Improving campus life for the students is an ongoing objective of SGA. Acting on behalf of the student body, the elected senators comment on and shape the policies that impact the overall student body.

To learn more about the Student Government Association, email the SGA Executive Board

SGA Outside Career Center

President: Drew Boutilier

USCB SGA President Drew Boutilier
Hello everyone! I am a Connecticut native but a southerner at heart. I am a Senior Psychology major with hopes of becoming a trauma counselor in the future. I am very excited to be this year's Student Body President because it will give me the opportunity to hear, uplift and support your voices to help you have the best college experience possible. As members of the executive board, it will be our pleasure to hear you, serve you and fulfill all of your needs to the best of our ability. I can’t wait to see what this year holds and all the work we will do together. Please feel free to reach out about anything you may need! Have a great year, Sandsharks. Fins up!

Vice President: Antonia Quintero

USCB SGA Vice-President Antonia Quintero
Hola! I am originally from Colombia, South America, but I have lived in South Carolina all my life. I am a senior here at USCB majoring in Communication Studies. I would like to graduate and get an MPA (Master’s in Public Administration) with a focus on policy and advocacy. I am excited to be the Vice President of USCB's SGA this upcoming 2020-21 academic year. Our goal is to create a sustainable SGA and bridge the gaps between students, faculty and the community. As we move forward during uncertain and changing times, we strive to bring guidance and stability through community-focus work.  We hope to serve and represent the student body with our leadership and cannot wait to see what this year entails! Welcome to all new incoming students; welcome home to all those returning and Fins Up!

Secretary General/Treasurer: Olayah Safouan

USCB SGA Secretary General/Treasurer Olayah Safouan
Aloha Sandsharks! I am from Mount Holly Springs all the way up in Pennsylvania. I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology hoping to work with marine life one day. I love the beach and ocean with all of its mysteries it holds.  I am excited to continue my college career and to further my education and connections. I am ready to put in my time and effort as Student Secretary General and Treasurer to make sure that the student body is being heard. We will work as an executive board to provide opportunities for students to voice their needs and to help them receive the best education and college experience as possible. I hope to get to know as many fellow sandsharks as possible! Don’t be afraid to say Aloha!  #Finsup!

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