Well-Being Programs

7 Dimensions of Well-Being

In Student Development we want all Sand Sharks to thrive at USCB and beyond! We envision a  university where every student can achieve their full potential. Well- being is about much more than physical health. To support you, we take a holistic approach to well-being. At USCB, it’s a seven-dimensional balancing act that – when maintained properly – helps you cope with adversity by building community, discovering meaningful connections, developing resilience and pursuing a life of purpose and meaning. 

7 Dimensions of Well-BeingTo learn more about the 7 Dimensions of Well-Being, click here.

Spring 2021 Well-Being Breaks

Day 1: January 27 - Mental and Physical Well-Being
Day 2: February 12 - Community Well-Being
Day 3: March 4 - Career and Financial Well-Being
Day 4: April 6 - Academic Well-Being
Day 5: April 26 - Environmental Well-Being

Events Going on Throughout the Day

10AM- 5PM Inaugural USCB Palm Tree Ceremony

  • Activities will occur throughout the day leading up to the first ever USCB Palm Tree Class Dedication. This year, we will be honoring the graduating class of 2021. Check out the schedule of events to attend the various events going on leading up to the Senior Class Palm Tree Dedication. (Events will be designated by “*”)

9AM-5PM: Give Back to the Community

  • Tag us (@uscbstudentdevelopment) in your story or social media post of you donating to a local thrift store within your community. Many of these thrift stores donate funds to charities and self-help organizations throughout the community. Everyone who participates will have the opportunity to win an environmentally friendly prize pack.
  • Suggestions in Bluffton: Off Island Thrift, God’s Goods Thrift Store, Osprey Village, Calhoun Station Thrift, Palmetto Animal League Thrift, Habitat Restore
  • Suggestions in Beaufort: CAPA’s Closet, The Cancer Thrift Store of Beaufort, LowCountry Habitat for Humanity Restore, Salvation Army Thrift Store, Friends of Caroline Hospice Thrift Store

9AM-5PM: Plastic Bag Collection

  • Drop off all clean used and unused plastic/paper bags you are storing in your apartments. There will be collection boxes outside the Student Success Suite in the Library, outside the gym, and outside the Campus Student Center. We will donate all plastic bags collected to local thrift stores donating to good causes throughout the community.

9AM-5PM: Environmental Day Bingo

  • Join the campus in playing Environmental Day Bingo! The playing card will be posted on our Student Development social media account (@uscbstudentdevelopment). Take a screenshot, fill out your Bingo card, and tag us in your post. Everyone who tags us on their Bingo card and gets 5-in-a-row will have a chance to win an environmentally friendly prize pack.

Environmental Day Events

9-10 AM: Tour of Campus Greenhouse by Mr. Norman Varnes

  • Where: Entrance into the greenhouse is located near the facilities building right beside the dog park.
  • What: Are you aware that USCB is home to a greenhouse equipped with a hydroponics system? Now is your chance to see it for yourself! Come check out the growing cycles of native low country wildflowers, learn about sustainability and composting, and see students have used the greenhouse as part of their own research studies and projects. Tours will start at 9 AM and go out every 10 minutes.

10-11:30 AM: Palm Tree Key Chain Pick-up for Freshmen

  • Collect your freshman year keychain and become a part of a new tradition at USCB.

10:30 AM-12 PM: Let’s Play Tag…..Trash Tag. Campus-wide and Community-wide Cleanup

  • Grab a bag and glove from the Student Success Office. All students who return a filled bag, will receive entry into our contest for an environmentally friendly prize pack.
  • Alternate Challenge: Find a local spot in your community. On social media, tag us in your before and after photos. Don’t forget to use the challenge hashtags below. Feel free to team up with your classmates!
  • #USCBCleanUpChallenge #USCBTrashTag
  • Trash “Hot Spots”:Main Road leading to Campus, Ponds Around Campus

11-12:30 PM: Senior Rock Pick-Up

  • Meet at the front of the Campus Center to collect your rock for the Palm Tree Dedication Ceremony.

12:30-1 PM: Palm Tree Dedication Plaque Ceremony

  • Where: Between the cafeteria and the library.
  • What: Join SGA and your fellow classmates for the inaugural Palm Tree Dedication Plaque Ceremony.

1-2 PM: Sustainable Bag Crafting and Pot Painting

  • Where: In front of the library
  • What: Do you have an old t-shirt you never wear? Bring it with you and join the Office of Student Success in making sustainable grocery bags from old t-shirts.
  • We’ll supply the pots and paints. You just need to supply the creativity!
  • Eco-friendly option: Bring an old cleaned-out soup can or coffee cannister to use as a      reusable pot
  • Sunflowers and Herbs

1-4 PM: Rock Decorating/Placing Times

  • Come to the front of the Campus Center to Decorate your Senior Year rock and place it in front of your 2021 Palm Tree.
    • Last Name A-M: 1-2:30 PM
    • Last Name N-Z: 2:30-4 PM

2-3 PM: Energy Hour: One Hour. No Power.

  • Take a stroll around campus. Find a comfy spot to read a book. Disconnect from social media and reconnect with each other and the outdoors. Tag us in your Outdoor activities using the hashtag #USCBEnergyHour.

3-4 PM: Virtual Lecture on Dr. Ritchie’s Latest Research by Dr. Kim Ritchie

  • Join a virtual Session on Teams to Learn about Dr. Ritchie’s latest research. Her current research focuses on the role beneficial bacteria may play in wound healing in elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) and their potential as a source for novel antibiotics.
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Link:
  • Join on your computer or mobile app
  • Click here to join the meeting

5-6 PM: Outdoor Yoga (Video)

  • Come out to the big screen in front of the campus center to find your inner Zen and acquire some much-needed Vitamin D.

8-10 PM: Movie Under the Stars, Beaufort-Stargazing outside by the Fire

8:30-10 PM: Late Night Breakfast

  • Enjoy a late-night breakfast in the cafeteria to start Reading Day off on the right foot. Choose the option to go meatless in support of environmental sustainability.

Virtual Social Media Bingo
USCB Environmental Day B-I-N-G-O

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