Emergency Action

The University may impose emergency action upon a student or student organization when there is reason to believe, based upon available evidence, that the student/student organization poses an immediate threat to the safety, health or welfare of persons, property or the orderly operation of the University. This action is warranted by potential or threatened danger or disruption, and indicated only when the serious nature or immediacy of the threat requires immediate action. The action is interim in nature, pending the outcome of disciplinary procedures. Emergency action authorized by this policy includes:

Disturbances Related to Mental Health Concerns - the policy outlining how the University may respond to any disturbances by a student that may be related to a mental health concern. The definition of disturbances related to mental health concerns includes, but is not limited to the following behaviors: Self injurious behaviors such as: Overt, self-injurious behaviors (e.g. actions indicating a suicide attempt, self-inflicted wounds, ingestion of toxic substances, overdoses of prescribed medicines.) Other behaviors related to this policy are: (1) Threats of self-injurious behaviors; (2) Threats of damage to property or other persons; (3) Interference with the normal operations or activities of the University its students, faculty and staff; (4) Acts indicating that the student is out of contact with reality and/or unaware of the consequences of his/her actions.