General Provisions

Student Code of Conduct

  1. No one under the age of 21 may purchase, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages anywhere at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.
  2. Aiding or abetting in the sale or transfer of alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  3. Persons and their guest(s), 21 years of age or older, may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in individual residence hall rooms/apartments on campus when ALL persons assigned to live in the apartment are 21 years of age or older.
  4. No one under the age of 21 can be present in the room/apartment with any open container of any alcoholic beverage(s).
  5. Alcohol is not permitted in lounges, hallways, breezeways, stairwells, parking lots, courtyards, and other common areas outside of individual apartments.
  6. At no time are kegs or any other common source containers of alcohol allowed and all beverages must be used in individual containers.
  7. Any container of alcohol being transported must be sealed and covered while on University premises.
  8. Drinking contests/games are prohibited on the USC Beaufort campus.
  9. Anyone who appears on campus and is obviously impaired as a result of being under the influence of any substance is in violation of the alcohol policy.
  10. Property damage as a result of alcohol or other drug use is a violation of the alcohol policy.
  11. No manufacturing of alcohol of any kind is permitted.
Compliance with General Laws Students or student organizations involved in alleged violations of any federal, state, or local laws may be subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action imposed by the University may precede and/or be in addition to any penalty imposed by an off-campus authority.
Computer misuse In addition to adhering to the University’s “Computer Network and Access Policy” (ACAF 7.01), misusing University computing resources by intentionally making, receiving, accessing, altering, using, providing or in any way tampering with files, discs, programs, passwords, messages or other computer users without their permission is prohibited. Using computer resources to harass others or in ways that violate institutional computer use policies is prohibited.
Damage to Property Damage to or destruction of property, or actions that have the potential for such damage or destruction is prohibited. Conduct which threatens to damage, or creates hazardous conditions such as dropping, throwing, or causing objects or substances to fall from windows, doors, ledges, balconies or roofs and the placing of trash, garbage, etc. in areas not designated for such is also prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized application of graffiti, paint, etc. to property or removal of window restrictors, security screens, etc.
Disorderly Conduct Individual or group behavior that is lewd, indecent or a breach of peace. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome physical contact, or noncompliance with University officials, staff, or law enforcement when acting in the scope of their duties.
Disruptive activity No person or organization may interfere with, disrupt normal activity and operations of, or promote the interference or disruption of students, faculty, administration, staff, or the educational mission of the University, or of the University or its buildings, equipment or facilities. Any form of expression that materially interferes with such activities and operations or invades the rights of persons may be proscribed or prohibited.

Noncompliance with reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on expression is considered a violation of this section. Such activity includes, but is not limited to, behavior in a classroom or instructional program that interferes with the instructor or presenter’s ability to conduct the class or program, or the ability of others to profit from the class or program.
Drug Policies The unauthorized possession, use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of any counterfeit, illegal, dangerous, “designer,” or controlled drug or other substance is prohibited. This includes prescription medications. Violating any other provision of the Student Code of Conduct while under the influence of any illegal or illegally obtained drug is also a violation of this policy (Refer to the University Drug Policy). The possession of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited (i.e., pipes, bongs, blunts). Any dilute, late, missed, forged, or failed university required drug screen will constitute a violation of this policy. Students involved in the vicinity of drug use (i.e., being in the same room or automobile) or the possession of marijuana related paraphernalia which is defined as, but not limited to, any and all types of equipment, products or materials of any kind which are used, intended for use or designed for using or selling drugs, will face conduct action.
Failure to Comply with Official Requests Students and student organizations are expected to comply with and respond appropriately to the reasonable and lawful requests of University officials in the performance of their duties. Students are expected to appear at disciplinary hearings to respond to allegations or testify as a witness when reasonably notified to do so. A failure to properly comply with or complete a sanctions or obligation resulting from a disciplinary hearing or adjudication may also be considered failure to comply with an official request. (Note to resident students: the definition of University officials in this regulation includes Housing Staff).
Failure to comply with University Policies and Procedures Failure to abide by any published University policy or procedure is prohibited.
Fire Hazard No person shall start a fire or create a fire hazard on University property without University authorization. This regulation is also intended to prohibit the possession and/or use of candles, torches, incense burners, other open flame apparatus, as well as extension cords and other devices or materials which may create a fire hazard if used without authorization or in unauthorized areas including, but not limited to, residence hall rooms.
Fraud or Lying Lying or fraudulent misrepresentation in, or with regard to, any transaction with the University, whether oral or written, is prohibited, including but not limited to misrepresenting the truth before a hearing of the University or knowingly making a false statement orally or in writing to any University official which materially interferes with University processes or procedures.
Harm to Persons Actions which result in physical harm, have the potential for physically harming another person, which create conditions that pose a risk of physical harm to another, or which cause reasonable apprehension of physical harm are prohibited. Conduct which threatens to cause harm to persons, or creates hazardous conditions for persons, such as dropping, throwing, or causing objects or substances to from windows, doors, ledges, balconies or roofs is also prohibited.
Harassment Conduct that creates or attempts to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, action(s) or statement(s) that threaten harm or intimidate a person, stalking, voyeurism (or peeping) or any other form of unwanted contact.

Voyeurism is defined as viewing, photographing, audio recording, video recording, producing, or creating a digital electronic file or filming another person without that person’s knowledge and consent, while he person is in a place where he or she would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
Misuse of Documents Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any document, record, or officially issued identification is prohibited, including, but not limited to, furnishing false information or withholding material information from the University processes or procedure.
Misuse of Fire Alarms and Safety Equipment No person shall make, or cause to be made, a false fire alarm, or emergency report of any kind. No person shall tamper with, damage, disable or misuse fire safety equipment including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, fire hose, fire alarms and fire doors. Tampering with or disabling any fire safety equipment in a residence hall may result in your immediate removal from University Housing and a fine.
Misuse of Keys No person may use or possess any University key without proper authorization. No student is allowed under any condition to have a university key duplicated. (Note to resident students: loaning a residence hall room key to a person not assigned to that room may be considered a violation of this regulation).
Misuse of Telephones and/or other Communication Technology No student shall misuse or abuse, or assist in the misuse or abuse of communication equipment at the University. Such activity includes, but is not limited to, using any form of communication equipment to harass or threaten any person or persons, or using any form of communication equipment to disrupt the normal operations or activities of any person, organization, or the University. Communication equipment includes, but is not limited to, electronic mail, pagers, voice mail, computers, printers, etc.
Misuse of University Student Identification Cards Lending a University Student ID card to anyone for reasons not authorized by the University Student ID policy, failing to present a Student ID card when requested by a University official acting in the performance of his or her duties, or possessing or using a fraudulent ID card, may subject the owner and/or the holder to disciplinary action (Refer to University Student Identification Card Policy).
Possession of Weapons The unauthorized possession or use of firearms or weapons of any kind (including but not limited to knives, slingshots, metal knuckles, razors, paintball guns, BB guns, and air pistols) is prohibited. The use or display of any object or instrument in a dangerous or threatening manner is prohibited. The University Department of Public Safety provides temporary storage of these items with scheduled access by owners.
Sexual Assault*

*See information on Sexual Assault at

**Please see information on our policies and procedures of Sexual Assault at

Skateboarding, Bikes and Skates Policy For the safety of everyone, the use of in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles or any similar recreational devices are prohibited within USCB buildings or on/with any signs, tables, or fountains. Bike racks are provided in several locations on campus. Care and caution should be used at all times on campus roadways, walkways and parking areas when using any type of recreational equipment. Pedestrians utilizing the sidewalks have the right of way. This policy applies campus-wide.
Smoking Policy Campus is now a Tobacco Free campus. Please refer to the link to learn more about our Tobacco Free campus
Theft or Misappropriation Theft of any kind, including seizing, receiving, or concealing property or services with knowledge that it has been stolen, is prohibited. Sale, possession, or misappropriation of any property or services without the owner’s permission is also prohibited
Unauthorized Presence/Use of University Facilities Unauthorized entry into, presence in or use of University facilities equipment or property which has not been reserved or accessed through appropriate University officials is prohibited
Unauthorized sale of textbooks The sale of a textbook by any student who does not own the book is prohibited without prior written authorization from the owner of the book. Books that are found should be turned in to the Lost and Found located at the Information Desks on both campuses
Use of Fireworks and Explosive Materials The ignition or detonation of anything which could cause damage to persons or property or disruption by fire, smoke, explosion, noxious odors, stains, corrosion or similar means: Possession of anything in the nature of fireworks, explosives or chemical explosives is prohibited on any property owned or operated by the University or off campus University sponsored events without prior University authorization.