Sanctions, Individual Students

The following disciplinary sanctions may be imposed upon students found responsible for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. All sanctions may be imposed either singularly or in combination. The purposes of imposing sanctions are twofold: one, to protect the University community from behavior which is detrimental to the community and/or the educational mission of the University; and two, to assist students in identifying acceptable parameters and consequences of future behavior. The sanction(s) imposed is(are) intended to correspond with the severity or frequency of violations, as well as the student’s willingness to recommit himself or herself to good citizenship through behaviors that fall within the Student Code of Conduct of the University.

Written Warning

An official reprimand that makes the misconduct a matter of record in University files. Any further misconduct could result in further disciplinary action.

Conduct Probation

A period of review and observation during which a student is under an official warning that subsequent violations of University rules, regulations, or policies are likely to result in a more severe sanction including suspension or expulsion from the University. While on conduct probation, a student may be considered to be “not in good standing” and may face specific limitatiaons on his or her behavior and/or University privileges (see Conditions/Restrictions).


Denial of enrollment, attendance, and other privileges at the University for a specified period of time. Permission to apply for readmission upon termination of the period may be granted with or without conditions/restrictions. Students may be required to complete a period of disciplinary probation upon their return to the University.

NOTE: Any student suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons must vacate the campus within the period of time noted in the notice of suspension. The student may not return to campus or University property during the term of the suspension without prior written permission by the Director of Housing and Judicial Affairs designee.


Dismissal from the University without the ability to apply for re-admittance.


Limitations upon a student’s behavior and/or University privileges for a period of time, or an active obligation to complete a specified activity. This sanction may include, but is not limited to: restricted access to the campus or parts of campus, denial of the right to represent the University in any way, denial of housing or parking privileges, required attendance at a workshop, or participation in public service.

Fines and Restitution

An order may be issued to make restitution or to pay a fine when a student has engaged in conduct including but not limited to: the damage or destruction of property, the theft or misappropriation of property, fraudulent behavior, violations of the alcohol and/or drug policies, or violations of the fire safety policies. Such property may belong to an individual, group, or the University. Restitution may be in the form of financial payment, community service, or other special activities designated by the hearing authority. Additional fines may be assessed as a punitive measure. Housing Sanctions: These sanctions include Written Warning, Conditions, Restitution, Conduct Probation, Relocation, and Removal, as described in Housing policies.